Local Attractions

277 Broadway Newmarket is only 5 minutes walk from the motel.
> For the best in shopping! Including luxury and designer brands.
277 has a foodcourt, supermarket and health shop. While the Newmarket District nearby has the best in > eye specialists, doctors and surgeons.
Plenty of quality local restaurants & cafes
Such as Nuffield Street in Newmarket, just a few minutes walk away. Choose from a wide range of New Zealand and international cuisines.
Cornwall Park, is only 5 minutes drive away.
> Ideal for picnicking, jogging, relaxing and family outings.
Traditional Devonshire teas are on site.
Check out the nightlight at Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour
> For an urban experience of wining and dining, in the bright atmosphere
of Auckland’s world class harbour.
Only a short drive to Kelly Tarltons
> Under Water World Experience,
for a fun day out.